Learn More Build Technics for Boost Line on “The LEGO Boost Idea Book” from No Starch Press


Due to its seeming complexity, the LEGO Boost system of products seems to be pretty much stuck as a niche offering that’s only a sure sell for the more tech-savvy LEGO fans. Barring the default functions of Boost-compatible sets, making customized builds and mechanics for the line seems rather daunting.

But if you have some LEGO Boost sets and would like some suggestions on MOCs, perhaps you can invest in a copy of No Starch Press’s The LEGO Boost Idea Book. While not an official LEGO publication itself, the book’s got some superb tips on maximizing use of the Boost.


This volume is written by consummate LEGO author Yoshihito Isogawa, who has already written other idea books for LEGO’s Technic line and Power Functions system. The LEGO Boost Ideas Book has three major sections: first the basic builds utilizing the Boost motor and hub; second the construction of external-motor mechanisms; and third the use of Boost sensors for complex functions.


Boost owners can check out the book from the No Starch Press website; they offer free e-book versions of it for every hardcopy purchase. Alternatively, The LEGO Boost Ideas book can also be gotten elsewhere online for $16.34 at Amazon.

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