New “LEGO Movie 2” Watches from Licensed Manufacturer Clictime

clictimelegomovie2watch 1

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is still some over two months away from cinemas, but anticipation is already up thanks to the trailers, and the reveal of the tie-in sets being released in 2019. But it’s not just the brick sets; the film has more merchandise than that.

For instance, there’s going to be a series of themed LEGO watches also tying in to the sequel for the surprise hit 2014 film. Even better, these watches will come out before this year ends, in late December. They’re manufactured by theme-watchmaker Clictime, a certified LEGO licensee for 18 years.

Thus far there have only been three variants of these Clictime LEGO watches, each depicting a prominent LEGO Movie character in both the face and as a minifigure ornament molded into the strap. We have Emmet (above), Lucy Wyldstyle and Princess Unikitty (below) available for franchise fans who want more stuff than another LEGO set.

Clictime already has a wide selection of LEGO watches for collectors, including series for LEGO City, Friends, Ninjago, its movie version, and The LEGO Batman Movie among so many others. The LEGO Movie 2 for its part will be premiering on February 8, 2019 with its tie-in sets also releasing around that same time frame.

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