LEGO MOC Spotlight: Custom LEGO Spinning TARDIS by Josh DaVid

Custom LEGO Spinning TARDIS

Despite a very limited range of interpretation on official LEGO products, said brand is still quite the favorite by many for building constructs inspired by the greatest sci-fi show ever to come out of the UK: Doctor Who. We’ve covered a brick-built statue of Jodie Whitaker as the 13th Doctor at SDCC 2018 before; now we look at the TARDIS. True, LEGO did release a TARDIS set via LEGO Ideas Doctor Who (21304) in the past, and this MOC’s smaller, without an interior. But YouTube LEGO builder Josh DaVid gave the set a twist by designing a custom LEGO spinning TARDIS with the use of LEGO Technic pieces.

DaVid’s TARIDS build is supported in the air by an ingenious LEGO Technic rig, which goes into a base with a hand crank on one side. As you can see from his video below, cranking the handle causes the custom LEGO spinning TARDIS to rotate, creating the trademark Doctor Who special effect of the time-travelling machine whirling about through the vastness of infinite space-time.

Josh DaVid’s Technic TARDIS MOC is available to interested LEGO builders in two options: building instructions on Etsy, or a custom set with all needed parts on Mochub. You can also optionally install a Power Functions motor, though it’s not included in the basic build.

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