More 2019 LEGO Ninjago Legacy Official Images Released – Ultra Dragon (70679) Revealed

Ultra Dragon (70679)

After last week’s reveal of the 2019 LEGO Ninjago Legacy subtheme, we now have additional images of yet another redesigned Ninjago set based from Season 1’s Rise of the Snake. This time around, the fearsome four-headed Ultra Dragon is now included in the roster of Ninjago Legacy sets as revealed by DeToyz Shop. The LEGO Ninjago Legacy The Ultra Dragon (70679) comes in at 951 pieces and is based on a redesigned version of the first Ultra Dragon set as included in 2012’s Epic Dragon Battle (9450).  Check out its following box art.


LEGO Ninjago Legacy The Ultra Dragon (70679)

$79.99; 951 pieces

70679 Box2 v39

As you may have noticed, this set is not entirely a re-release, but an improvement in terms of design and play features. Most noticeable is the new dragon heads which are completely brick-built equipped with stud shooters mounted on its jaws. Its wings are now also made of thin, membrane-like vinyl which LEGO included as wing accessories in Ninjago sets beginning with Attack of the Morro Dragon (70736)released in 2015. The Ultra Dragon (70679) also comes with six minifigures: Lloyd, Master Wu, Lord Garmadon, Pythor, and a couple of Serpentine Warriors.

Other than the Ultra Dragon, the Malaysian LEGO fan blogsite also shared box art images of the new Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu series. We mentioned them before in our previous post, but we now have official images of these spinners as you can see below.


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Kai (70659)

70659 Box4 v39 


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Jay (70660)
70660 Box4 v29



LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Zane (70661)

70661 Box4 v29 


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Cole (70662)

70662 Box4 v39 


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Nya and Wu (70663)

70663 Box4 v39 


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Spinjitzu Lloyd vs Garmadon (70664)

45951919212 d68591454c o 


LEGO Ninjago Legacy Monastery Training (70680)
70680 Box2 v39

The new LEGO Ninjago Legacy series is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019. Which will be your Day 1 purchase among these, brick fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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