LEGO Disney Princess Gets More Sets in 2019

LEGO Disney Princess

We now have our first series of official images of LEGO Disney Princess sets slated to arrive in 2019. Listed by Russian online store Exoforce, these new sets features famous Disney characters that we all grew up with, rendered in minidoll form such as Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel. The LEGO Disney Princess theme seems to get more attention from the LEGO Group considering the strength of the Disney brand. These sets also feature some of our well-known Disney heroines, together with brick-built replicas of their famous castles, kingdoms, carriages and towers.  Just scroll down to see the rest of the images.  This first wave of offerings coming from the Disney Princess theme also contains several new for 2019 LEGO pieces such as that nicely done magic carpet piece from Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace (41161), and some new fences and archway.

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Jasmine’s Petite Tower (41158) – 49 pieces



Cinderella’s Carriage Ride (41159) – 91 pieces



Ariel’s Sea Castle (41160 ) – 115 pieces



Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace Adventures (41161) – 193 pieces



Ariel, Aurora & Tiana’s Royal Celebration (41162) – 282 pieces




Rapunzel’s Petite Tower (41163) – 44 pieces


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