New LEGO Ideas Contest Now Open: The Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

After the launch of its Build an Add-On Contest, the LEGO Ideas team was quick to give another contest that will surely appeal to any genuine LEGO Harry Potter fan. The LEGO Ideas Magical Builds of the Wizarding World challenges you to come up with your best brick rendition of any creatures found in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, and popular items and artifacts found inside the famous Hogwarts Castle.

The Submission Phase has already begun and will end on November 29, so you still have more than 20 days if you will act quickly. Like any other LEGO Ideas build contest, you are allowed to submit either a physical entry or a digital one done in LEGO Digital Designer. The deadline of submission of entries will be on November 29, while winners will be announced on December 20.

Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

Magical Builds of the Wizarding World

It’s time to do your magic!

Have you ever imagined being a part of the Wizarding World? We now invite you into the LEGO® world of Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™, but be aware that you need to use your magical, creative powers to enter. If you are a fan of Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™, you probably have considered how cool it would be to have your own wand, broomstick or suitcase filled with magical creatures. Now is your chance! Let out your magical building powers to bring your favorite item or creature from the Wizarding World to life in LEGO bricks.

And speaking of prizes, this LEGO Ideas building contest comes with all the good stuff and winnings that any LEGO Harry Potter can enjoy: there will be one Grand Prize Winner, two Runner-Ups, and one Bonus Winner. The lion’s share that the Grand Prize winner will receive includes all of the LEGO Harry Potter sets released this year, namely:

all prized 5836764 Contest FirstPrize HP

This gives the overall champion the bragging rights of winning all of these 2018 LEGO Harry Potter sets, with an overall estimated value of $775. Two Runner-Ups and a Bonus Winner will also receive their very own Hogwart’s Castle (71043) respectively.

5836768 Contest Runner up hogwarts castle HP

Remember: you have roughly 24 days before the submission of entry to the LEGO Ideas Magical Builds of the Wizarding World closes, so be sure to read and study all the details of the contest rules right here. Happy building!

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