LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl Winter Hut (5005251) Minifigure Images Uploaded Via LEGO’s Servers

Penguin Girl Winter Hut (5005251)

We’ve come to expect at certain seasons and occasions of the year that LEGO will release a new, costumed minifigure contained in a house-shaped box package. This usual setup has the dual purpose of having the box serve as a cheap background for play with the costumed minifigure. And if you recall from July of last year, we first spotted this on the wild. Since then, LEGO was pretty silent regarding this promotional’s availability. On Christmas Eve, it was noticed by eagle-eyed LEGO fans that the servers for LEGO’s websites now held the first official images for the latest LEGO seasonal costumed LEGO minifigure, now since spread throughout the rest of the internet. This is the LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl Winter Hut (5005251), one last themed LEGO product for the soon-concluding holidays.

For a change, the product specifically calls the minifigure character to be a girl, though it would be relatively hard to tell minifig gender when they’re wearing a full-body costume. Anyway, the LEGO Seasonal Penguin Girl Winter Hut (5005251) comes with a pair of skis for equipment, with its box packaging depicting a cozy, Winter Hut facade. Here’s a look at its content courtesy of an eBay user.

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It’s estimated that LEGO will start the promo for the Penguin Girl Winter Hut (5005251) sometime before the year actually ends. Most likely it’ll be available with a minimum purchase, the precise details to be shared to LEGO fans who have signed up for email alerts from their website.

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