Some Formerly-Exclusive LEGO Polybags Now Seen Conventionally Available on Retailers

lego city arktis eissaege 30360 fahrzeug mit minifigur brickzeit

With the Holiday season rolling into what could be termed its final phases, LEGO is pulling out all the stops in order to get their products out to consumers, from the big box sets to the little plastic polybags with their simple builds. And some of these used to be difficult to find in stores.

To elaborate, some of the LEGO polybags that are now finding on retail shelves used to be exclusive items at either Shop@Home or other sources. For example, the LEGO City Arctic Ice Saw (30360) was initially only ever packaged with an issue of Nat Geo Kids Magazine over in the UK, but has now been spotted for sale at Wal-Mart.


Next we have the LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404) polybag. Original part of a “gift with minimum-purchase” offer at Shop@Home this February, it apparently became available on Toys R Us before its mid-year shutdown. Target stores now have it available.


Last but not least, there is the LEGO Creator Pelican (30571), a polybag featuring 62 pieces that can be assembled into three possible configurations, all of animals. Like the Friends Friendship Flower (30404) above, one might be able to find this on Target.


These LEGO polybag sightings were courtesy of a regular follower on our fellow LEGO news source The Brick Fan; kudos to them.

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