Playable LEGO Piano Qualifies for LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage

Playable LEGO Piano

If you recall last October, we featured a LEGO product idea that will probably impress even Mozart if he is alive today. The LEGO Ideas project, Playable LEGO Piano, by builder SleepyCow has gained a lot of support since then and now ranks among the LEGO hopefuls to become the next official LEGO Ideas set alongside four qualifiers. For its Third 2018 Review Stage, the product ideas that have gotten 10,000 supporters during this period are a varied mix of themes – from dinosaur skeletons to a chemical plant, a set of fast-food stalls and a cruise ship. And now the latest addition to these LEGO product ideas now appeals to the musician and builder at heart.

It’s always amazing whenever a LEGO builder does a MOC that includes some mechanical function and non-traditional materials. Ideas member SleepyCow has done just that with a small-scale playable LEGO piano that actually plays thanks to actual strings attached to the keys, and pedal dampers.

lego piano

The sheer amount of detail SleepyCow put on this playable LEGO piano product idea is mind-blowing. Aside from the aforementioned working 25 piano keys (with hammers hitting correctly-tuned strings) and pedals, the whole setup has legs ending on scaled piano wheels, the player’s bench is adjustable, and it can be converted into a player piano via Power Functions.

Such advanced LEGO mechanics (that don’t require Power) are not so common in mainstream LEGO sets, so it’s only fitting that it’ll come out via the more imaginatively conceptualized LEGO Ideas line. First, we’ll need SleepyCow’s playable LEGO piano to beat its fellow Third 2018 Review Stage submissions, and who knows what other sets make in. Check out his demo video below.

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