LEGO Friends 2019 Summer Sets To Watch Out For

LEGO Friends 2019 Summer Sets

There’s still plenty to expect from LEGO as they reveal their next wave of LEGO sets slated to be released this summer. From new commemorative LEGO Star Wars sets, LEGO City Space and tech savvy LEGO Technic sets, we now have our listing of some of the latest LEGO Friends 2019 summer sets to watch out for, courtesy of Zusammengebaut.

Same as before, photography is not allowed inside the LEGO show room of the Nuremberg Toy Fair. So we hope to see these sets and other LEGO reveals up close and personal when this year’s New York Toy Fair kicks in from February 16 to 19. Take note that this listing may not represent the actual set names since they were roughly translated from German via Google Translate.

  • Heartlake City Supermarket (41362) (4+) – 29.99€\
  • Mia’s Horse Transporter (41371) – 29.99€
  • Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show (41372) – 39.99€
  • Karaoke Pool Party (41374) – 49.99€
  • Amusement Park (41375) – 129.99€
  • Turtle Rescue (41376) – 19.99€
  • Submarine for Dolphin Rescue (41378) – 39.99€
  • Heartlake City Restaurant (41379) – 59.99€
  • Lighthouse (41380) – 59.99€
  • Rescue Boat (41381) – 89.99€
41101 1
The LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101) from 2015.

The Amusement Park (41375) sounds interesting since its price point hints at a piece count of more than a thousand pieces. It is similarly priced as that of the Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101) from 2015 which also retailed for $129.99, and is currently the largest LEGO Friends set with a 1,552 piece count.

41130 1
2016’s LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130).

You might also remember that LEGO also offered a somewhat similar set in 2016 with the Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130) which made use of a new track piece. As the title suggests, then we might see the Amusement Park (41375) set as something that complements the Amusement Park Roller Coaster. I guess we have to wait until NYTF if ever LEGO will unveil this next big LEGO Friends set.

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