Custom Build Wizard Chris McVeigh Becomes an Official Part of LEGO’s Design Teams

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It’s always great and inspiring to hear stories of “ascended” fans, people who have been ardent followers of a company or brand and have done extensive work using their products. Eventually they get called up by these same companies and offered their dream jobs, officially becoming part of their organization.

A lot of LEGO fans have enjoyed becoming ascended themselves, whether it’s as small as having their submissions to LEGO Ideas becoming official sets, or actually getting hired by The LEGO Group themselves. The latter has recently happened to Chris “PowerPig” McVeigh, one of the biggest online LEGO builders today.

His building guide website has plenty of nice tech-related brick construction projects, and he also sells some impressive MOCs in his own store. PowerPigs work is plenty spiffy enough to stand next to any official LEGO sets, which might explain why The LEGO Group has extended an invite to him.

McVeigh announced the good news on his official Facebook page this Tuesday, February 19. He will soon be moving to Denmark as a new addition to the design and development teams for the LEGO Creator Expert and Architecture product lines. It was accompanied by the cool minifigure vignette pictured above.

Of course, such a major change will have certain repercussions to PowerPig’s online activities. The most significant is that his online LEGO MOC store, PowerPig’s Builds, will be shutting down effective February 25, so interested customers better make their online purchases before this week’s out. We’re not sure what will happen to his building guides; perhaps they’ll remain on site.

But, Chris McVeigh is now part of the bigger picture with his ascension to the LEGO Creator Expert and Architecture teams. Who knows which future sets from these lines will be made with his input? It’ll be fun to guess.

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