LEGO “Avengers: Endgame” Polybag (30452) Reveal Sees Return of Funny Iron Man “Supporting Character”

LEGO Marvel Avengers 30452 Iron Man Dum E

When the first “Iron Man” film premiered in 2008 and launched the MCU franchise, it featured a popular recurring “character.” The quotes are because this character wasn’t a person but a mechanical helper of RDJ’s Tony Stark: a robotic hand he built as a teen (in “flashback”) and called “Dum-E”.

MCU watches might remember Dum-E for comically spraying fire retardant on his boss every time Tony’s initial tests on the (second and third) Iron Man armors backfired. But later the arm actually saves his life. We’re talking about Dum-E because he gets prominently featured in an upcoming LEGO Marvel polybag.

With the “Avengers” title on this recently-leaked polybag, we can assume it ties in to this April’s culminating epic “Avengers: Endgame” which wraps up the first three “Phases” of the MCU films. Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) depicts Tony Stark in a white proto-armor with Iron Man helmet, testing some jet boots while Dum-E waits on one side, probably ready to spray the foam again.

Now, just because stuff appears on a movie tie-in LEGO set doesn’t mean it will play out as pictured in the film itself. Regardless, fans who have seen images of this new LEGO Marvel “Avengers” polybag (30452) are betting that Dum-E will get a big role to play, such as helping remove the Infinity Gauntlet.

Well, it’s fun to speculate.

We assume LEGO Marvel Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) will arrive on stores and Shop@Home along with the rest of the “Avengers: Endgame” tie-in sets this coming March 1. While there are no additional details, it’ll probably follow these LEGO City polybags in being “free with purchase” promotional items, before becoming conventionally available later on.

“Avengers: Endgame” premieres April 26.

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