Promotional Item (Decorative Keychain) Also Coming for LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) this March 1-10

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Anybody claiming that the newly-revealed LEGO Creator Ford Mustang set (10265) sucks is either lying through his teeth, making an ill joke, or is a troll. Just looking at the official images would fire up any LEGO and automotive fan, and proves the Creator line is just as great as LEGO Technic in rendering detailed car models using LEGO pieces.

LEGO is also pretty sure that the Creator Mustang (10265) will be lapped up by collectors come March 1. So they’ve decided to spice up the fans’ anticipation frenzy with a new tie-in promotion. Like so many others, this is a “gift with purchase” thing.

The first LEGO market to make this promotional item known is the LEGO branded store in Shanghai, China. As can be seen in their promo image above, the special item is appropriately a keychain. The ornamentations are a spinner-disk fob with the Ford Mustang Logo on one side and the LEGO logo on the other.

A smaller rectangular fob is also included, it being a small metallic depiction of the LEGO VIP program membership card, with the reverse side showing where the keychain was manufactured (Zhongshan, China) plus date (December 2018). The key ring itself is a basic “circle cotter.”

While the promo item was first shown in China, it’ll be available in all markets, both LEGO stores and Shop@Home, starting March 1 to 10. All one needs to do is buy the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265); that’s all. Keychain supplies will certainly sell out fast, so avid collectors will have to come early.

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