LEGO Ideas – “The Flintstones” (21316) Finally Revealed

Last week, LEGO released a nostalgic little teaser for one of the two lucky entries to the LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review Stage that have become official sets. That was the set for the classic Hanna-Barbera animated sitcom “The Flintstones” as originally conceptualized by Andrew Clark, of which the teaser featured the titular Modern Stone-Age family and their neighbors on the former’s iconic boulder car.

While no date was given, the most likely time for revealing the LEGO Ideas Flintstones set could only be this weekend in the 2019 New York Toy Fair. We certainly weren’t disappointed as LEGO made sure to include this among their many other reveals at the Jacob K. Javits Center.


First off, we now know the LEGO Ideas Flintstones set number, 21316. As with the Andrew Clark original design, the package consists of the Flintstones home, boulder-mobile and four minifigures of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, plus Barney and Betty Rubble.


Our next focus is on the house, in all its familiar stone-slab glory. Structure-wise, the back is left open to allow easy play access to the interior, though the front door does open (as do the window curtains) and the roof can be detached too.


Interior features include a living room with couch, table, TV and fireplace plus kitchen sink. Several base plates can also be spread out to add more floor space to the house, except for the green one that serves as the garden, where a mailbox or prehistoric palm can be placed.


Accessories include a fruit bowl, telephone, floor lamp with shade, a box of bowling equipment, and a cave painting frame element. As for the Technic-like boulder car, it seats four minifigs and can roll freely on its steamroller wheels. The roof is a unique fabric element and it even comes with a dino rib on a tray as shown in the unforgettable credits sequence (Wilma!).

Ahem, while the LEGO instruction booklet is mandatory, the one for LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) also has a little history segment on the 1960s show, a quick informational read for both old-time fans and newbies.

Granted, a lot of stuff from Andrew Clark’s product idea never made the final cut, but what remains is still a sweet LEGO commemoration of one important piece of old-school American pop culture. And $60 for 750 pieces isn’t that out of hand, plus it’ll be available Wednesday. Anyone who gets the LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) set are sure to have a Gay Old Time. And that “gay” is of the retro definition “happy,” okay?

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