New LEGO Greeting Card (853906): Bricks and Minifigure Ensure this Correspondence Will See More Use and Play

lego geschenke set 2019 853906 0003

From a certain point of view, when one thinks of a greeting card, especially in the US, the mental image of the card will likely carry “Hallmark” as its brand. LEGO probably won’t supplant established greeting card labels like Hallmark with this quirky new product they’ll introduce soon, but brick-buildings fans will surely love it.

Newly revealed by LEGO this week according to German news source Promo Bricks, the LEGO Greeting Card (853906) is exactly what its name entails, and more. Being a LEGO product it has bricks and a minifigure, all part of an interactive greeting that goes beyond mere written words from you.


The set’s package viewed from the front is half box and half card. You can write your dedications on the left-hand side then unfold it to reveal a background for the LEGO pieces stored at right. These 40 elements assemble to form a stud launcher platform, to shoot the scoring balloons on the provided background.

LEGO Greeting Card (853906) also includes a minifigure with alternate head and hair-pieces to change between male or female characters, and roller skate elements that can attach to the feet. For the most part the carnival theme of the card and set can make it all-purpose for most general occasions.


If you fancy sending a greeting to a LEGO fan later this year, then you can wait for the LEGO Greeting Card set (853906), priced at $4.99 on Shop@Home to arrive with many other new LEGO products on March 1.

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