New LEGO Survey for AFOLs Wants to Know their Leisure Pastimes, Hobbies and Interests


It seemed like out of the blue late last week when LEGO suddenly put out a survey for its customers. And the target market for the questionnaire was a surprise too, as it asked adults about their LEGO shopping experience. The said survey is still on, lasting until March 22.

But The LEGO Group appears to be in a surveying mood lately. Once again, they need input from AFOLs regarding their personal habits. This time however, their new survey is going to be quite substantial in terms of queries, and answering them truthfully (by reading the items carefully) could take about 30 minutes on average.

The general theme of this survey also touches closer to home than the previous one with its inquiries on shopping habits. Now The LEGO Group is asking stuff about AFOLs’ personal habits: what they do to spend leisure time, what subjects interest them and what hobbies they like to pursue.

Interestingly, this survey has several restrictions. For one thing it has a short shelf life, closing on Sunday, March 3. Next, only survey takers from three countries – the US, Germany, and China – will be accommodated by it. Results of the inquiry will apparently be shared by the LEGO Ambassador Network in April. Meanwhile, here are the links for the survey if you’re interested and live in the three aforementioned markets.

US / Germany / China

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