Florida LEGO Store Owner Makes MOC Roller Coaster, Soon to Be Declared World’s Biggest by Guinness

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While LEGO has long been producing brick sets based on roller coasters like the Creator Expert one (10261) from last year, creative builders have strived to do custom builds, as big as they could with all the bricks they might have on hand. One toy store owner in Florida may have just created an MOC worth a Guinness World Record.

Said LEGO roller coaster MOC was the brainchild of James Burrows, who runs The Brick University in Spring Hill. Using over 300,000 different LEGO pieces and elements, Burrows erected a monstrosity comprised of more than 91 feet of coaster track. With Power Functions, he can send his brick-built coaster along its course at scale speeds of 68 miles an hour.


The MOC coaster setup dominates a tabletop display that takes up most of the center space of Burrows’ store. But aside from this main attraction, he also built an amusement park around the coaster itself to really complete the package.

Featuring rides like a drop tower and other facilities like a mini golf course and cinema, the LEGO theme park and the roller coaster in the middle is then populated by close to 2,000 minifigures, some of which are riding on the coaster of course. Info on that powered brick-built ride has already been sent on by James Burrows to Guinness, which will soon certify it as the largest LEGO roller coaster in the world.


Following the Guinness recognition, Burrows will make his titanic MOC available to LEGO expositions for display. He’s already got such events lined up in Indianapolis, Charlotte and Asheville. To facilitate its transport, he says he needs to divide it all into four main sections to fit inside three shipping crates.

Burrows will accompany his soon-to-be-record-holder LEGO coaster on its expo displays. After all, it makes for great promotion for his store The Brick University, to help sell his stock of LEGO products at the events. “I get to play with Legos in front of thousands of people,” he says regarding his livelihood. “I enjoy what I do for a living.”


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