Select LEGO VIP Members Get Offer to Test Upcoming Digital LEGO VIP Card App

VIP Digital Black 2

For a long time now, part of the LEGO purchasing experience in stores and online is their special VIP program. Who would say no to early availability of the most in-demand upcoming sets? The membership cards are pretty cool too, especially the “Star Wars” variant, and there’s lots of extras that get added on top.

But LEGO has decided that the VIP card was due for an update, to match this tech-heavy age. After considering how many people already use mobile devices to rack up purchase points via online-connected apps, the toy global giant has decided to do the same.

As of this writing, a number of active LEGO VIP members would have received emails from the company. This is an invitation to help test the new Digital VIP card system. These digital cards would most likely be electronically-generated bar codes and serial numbers displayed on a smartphone app.

A VIP member could download the LEGO VIP app and register to get their digital card, which when displayed on a phone can be scanned during purchase to top up points. This option is apparently immediately available already to Black VIP cardholders. When they use the digital VIP card app for the first time they’ll get asked to transition their physical card to a digital alternate.

LEGO’s Digital VIP Card app will be made available on both primary mobile OS platforms: Apple’s iOS and Android. With this, LEGO can also directly send updates about product info and launch dates on user’s phones and tablets. The app of course can show accumulated points for their users’ accounts.

It hasn’t been stated yet when the Digital VIP card app will be made available for general use, but it’ll be a big step up for the LEGO VIP program when the time comes. Above image is courtesy of

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