LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Story Book (21315) Discounted in Amazon, Days After “LEGO Fold” Parody Ad


Earlier this week LEGO caused a stir in their corner of social media by “teasing” the LEGO Fold. Tech-heads would realize immediately that the toy brand was parodying the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold, which can convert from smartphone to tablet with the “Infinity Flex” feature.

LEGO fans on the other hand would recognize the LEGO Fold as an existing set from the LEGO Ideas line. Indeed, this is the Pop-Up Story Book (21315) that came out in November 2018. One could say that LEGO’s sendup of the Korean electronics giant’s folding phone reignited interest in the Pop-Up Book set. It couldn’t be coincidence that Amazon announced a sale of it.

For the curious, a check on the product listing for the LEGO ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) on Shop@Home would reveal that it remains available for its $69.99 retail price. Amazon just did one better by discounting their set listing 20%.

In other words, those who still haven’t gotten the set can have in for only $55.99 at the Amazon listing. Nobody knows how long this sale will last past the return of the Pop-Up Book (21315) in the spotlight. So if any LEGO collector that hasn’t got it still wants it, then here it is.

The LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Story Book (21315) has a sweet mechanical function to change from book to fairy tale stage. It features two stories: “Little Red Riding-Hood” and “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and includes relevant minifigures plus pieces to create Grandma’s house or the beanstalk.

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