LEGOLAND California Has New LEGO Pod – “Creative Rings” (853922) for Customizing Accessories with Decorative Studs

LEGO 853922 Creative Rings featured 800 445

No sooner have we caught word that LEGO was releasing a seasonal costumed minifigure in a pod (confirmed now too), than another pod set from them has been spotted. Shoppers at LEGOLAND California Resort has found this item in their LEGO Shop. No minifigures or brick constructs in it; rather, its contents are accessory-making stuff.

This LEGO pod, numbered 853922, doesn’t seem to have a name on its packaging. But based on the building elements it contains, online sources have dubbed it “Creative Rings.” That’s because the pink-colored pod has a number of plastic ring elements and a wide selection of plastic studs for “gems.”

For a small set that’s apparently marketed for girls, the Creative Rings (853922) seems smartly put together. It’s got a number of plastic rings (open-ended to easily facilitate finger size) with pegs on top to attach decorative pieces to. A lot of them are stud-pieces you might find in other sets – flowers, crystals, heart- and star-shapes. They even include colored circular bases that can go over the ring pieces. And the lid of the pod has a mirror on the inside for posing hands at.


Considering the packaging and the LEGOLAND logo at the back, we surmise that the LEGO Creative Rings pod (853922) is a LEGOLAND Resort exclusive that will (primarily) be available only at the LEGO Stores of the theme parks in question. Priced at $8.99, it’s about the same range as other LEGO pods already out there.

Judging from this and the upcoming Seasonal Easter Chicken pod (853958), it seems LEGO is putting a renewed focus on using the pod concept for more than minifigures and accessories. We’re curious as to what other LEGO pod products will come out in later days.

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