Easter LEGO Seasonal Minifigure Switches from “Hut” Box to Pod with Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958)

853958 1

Leave it to LEGO to try something different every now and then with their seasonal set releases. We tend to already know what to expect at specific times of the year. We usually get releases of seasonal BrickHeadz, occasionally accompanied by seasonal minifigures in boxes that double as their “homes/workplaces.”

Well, for the 2019 Easter season, LEGO has decided that the “hut” package for their seasonal LEGO minifigures may have run its course. Therefore, they’re changing the container of choice from house-shaped boxes to pods. This was discovered by a Slovenian LEGO fan on Instagram, who found the upcoming set in a LEGO Certified Store.

So, complementing the LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) this year is the new LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958). As expected of seasonal minifigure names, what we have is a guy in a chicken suit. And because his container is a pod, he comes with quite the variety of extra stuff in it.

Chicken suit guy comes with two accessories: a golden trophy cup and a pair of red roller skate elements for his feet. His character pod contains a quaint little Easter garden setup…and a skating ramp, for the use of a white Easter Bunny piece with its own roller skate element.

We don’t have details yet on the Easter Chicken Pod (853958), such as its price and its release date. We’re also not sure if this is a one-off variation on LEGO’s part or if they’re ending the seasonal “minifigure hut” line, replacing them with pods.

But whether this is only temporary or the new state of things for seasonal minifigures, it looks pretty good from what we’ve seen. It also comes across as a big improvement in any case. Whether it’s a fluke, a replacement for the huts, or a new complementary seasonal line, we certainly won’t mind seeing more in the vein of LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958).

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