Another LEGO Architecture Set Arriving this Summer: Empire State Building (21046) – and More Images of Trafalgar Square (21045)

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Earlier this month, we saw, as part of the 2019 batch of LEGO releases, one of the newest Architecture sets. It was Trafalgar Square (21045), depicting one of the most iconic landmarks in London. But the square dedicated to Lord Nelson isn’t the only Architecture product this summer. It’s got a “partner” across the Atlantic.

Thanks again to Belgian online LEGO online retailer ToyChamp, we have an image of the next LEGO Architecture set in this upcoming batch. As hinted above, it’s an American structure this time, the Empire State Building (21046). Unlike the Trafalgar Square (21045) Architecture set, ToyChamp doesn’t have the box image, only a completed build photo.


And we have more images again of Architecture Trafalgar Square (21045) here outside the box. The second’s a shot of the back, with interior details visible when the rear walls are easily removed liked so.



Both sets clock at over a thousand pieces (Empire State is actually closer to 2,000). ToyChamp lists 21045 as being around €74,99 to the 21046’s €109,99; dollar-wise that’s probably $89.99 and $119.99 respectively with rounding to the nearest 9.99 value. We won’t know for sure until they get an official listing on Shop@Home later on.

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