Tired of Conventional Car Submissions to LEGO Ideas? Try Supporting pfunkadunk’s Speed Champions-Scale Tesla Model 3

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LEGO Ideas has had its fair share of submissions concerning automobile builds. They can range from complex Creator or Technic-level large-scale models, to the smaller versions similar to the Speed Champions line. It’s for the latter that this fresh new product idea is being submitted, and unlike the gas-guzzlers of the past, this is electric.

You read that last word right. Ideas member pfunkadunk just made a Speed Champions-sized build of the Tesla Model 3. First released in 2017, this was Tesla’s first serious attempt at creating an affordable e-car for the general market. The actual story’s a bit complicated.


In any case, pfunkadunk totally knocked the ball out of the park with designing his LEGO Ideas Tesla Model 3. In a solid black color scheme, the brick-built model copies the contours of the real electric car. Details include a visible battery back from the bottom and touchscreen interior display.


The set also comes with a buildable Tesla Supercharger unit, which can actually connect into a port on the car. The LEGO Model 3 has room for two minifigures, and comes with one by default. Aside from his LEGO Ideas listing, afol777 also has an official webpage for his great submission, with more available images.


From its 227 supporters and 370 days remaining, this is likely as newly-uploaded as LEGO Ideas submissions can be. If you’re a Tesla fan, other factors notwithstanding, then this LEGO Tesla Model 3 by afol777 needs all the help it can get to make 10-K.

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