Christmas Comes Early as LEGO Previews 2019 Holiday Minifigure Ornaments

LEGO Santa Claus Minifigure Christmas Ornament 1699QXI3749 02

We’re roughly getting to the middle of springtime this year. But thanks to a recent product announcement by LEGO you’d be forgiven to think that Christmas is coming again. Then again, it’s pretty much standard for the toy giant to start advertising their seasonal products ahead of their associated seasons.

So for the 2019 Holidays we can look forward to getting these cool large-minifigure hanging ornaments for your Christmas tree. As before, these licensed ornaments are officially manufactured by Hallmark for LEGO. They’re making large hanging minifigs based on “LEGO Movie,” “LEGO Batman Movie,” and “LEGO Star Wars,” the third one in line with their 20th Anniversary celebration this year.

LEGO Movie/2


LEGO Batman Movie

  • Robin – Since Joker was made into an ornament for Christmas 2018, this is a natural progression


LEGO Star Wars



And there’s one original LEGO minifigure ornament not tied to any line or licensed property. Here’s Santa Claus:


These hanging minifigure ornaments are priced at $16.99 and will become available starting October 5. However you can now add them to your wish list at Hallmark’s official website, to reserve yours for that day. We can thank LEGO for letting us see what our Christmas 2019 might look like.

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