Details Out on LEGO Promo for Easter Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958)

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While the LEGO “Avengers: Endgame” tie-in polybag we just discussed looks to be available conventionally in Wal-Mart, another recently-introduced poly will actually be a promotional item as they’re wont to be. It’ll probably be the catch too, as a seasonal minifigure in a different package than the usual “hut” box.

By that we mean the LEGO Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958). If you will recall, it’s a chicken-suit guy with roller-skate elements, and a pod with a garden and a skating rabbit. It’s easily one of the quirkiest seasonal products yet announced. LEGO might even be testing to see if they’ll make seasonal pods permanent.

That said, LEGO’s finally announced the promo details for this special poly. Starting Friday, April 5 to the 22nd, LEGO Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958) is available free for any minimum LEGO purchase of $35. This applies to LEGO Store purchases and online on Shop@Home.

Having that last bit of information is quite helpful as there have been Shop@Home-only and store-only promos in the past. Now we can get this singular seasonal polybag from the best of both worlds. Maybe it’ll be a nice one-off thing or the first of something new that collectors can feel proud having one of.

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  1. I definitely happy about the $35 purchase qualifier. Will make it easier to get two. With how cute the set as a whole and especially the minifigure are, I want a couple. Sometimes it a bite in the butt when the purchase threshold is $75 or above…not that TLG doesn’t get that from me…often.

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