LEGO Designers Make Brick-Built Captain Marvel Statue to Help Promote “Avengers: Endgame”

Captain Marvel Lego Model

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will come to an ending that’s been ten years in the making this month. Fans of the franchise and Marvel superheroes can catch that this April 26 when “Avengers: Endgame” premieres. Merchandising partners such as LEGO have already begun releasing their tie-in products. But leave it to LEGO to do extra.

In what’s undoubtedly another contribution to promoting the upcoming MCU movie, the longest running-time of all series so far. LEGO designers have constructed a brick-built statue of one of the heroes involved. It’s none other than Captain Marvel, the superhuman cosmic champion lead character of her own film last month, and the most powerful good guy in the franchise yet.

With possibly all the LEGO-piece resources they could need, LEGO’s pro builders used 17,661 of them over the course of around 165 hours to assemble the brick statue. They even went the extra mile to match the physical dimensions to the character’s actress Brie Larson.

Upon completion, LEGO’s brick-built Captain Marvel statue matched Larson’s height of 5 feet seven inches. The design team even included an Avengers logo for background, making the figure a prime photo-op opportunity for MCU fans.

LEGO hasn’t quite revealed yet where this sweet build will be located for promotional purposes. It’s also possible that it could be located away from an obvious spot like a cinema. The Porg promotional statues during “The Last Jedi” were scattered in London, for example.

“Avengers: Endgame” arrives at last in theaters on April 26.

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