LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) Now Available with Minimum Purchase at European Shop@Home Sites

These past few days LEGO has been teasing fans with a Star Wars Surprise Box. As with previous packages like these the contents are ostensibly a mystery. For the box size they’re sure to contain mini-builds in polybags and minifigures too. But when’s it coming out? How do we even get it? We finally know.

For five days starting April 11, the LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) is available in several European Shop@Home markets. As if trying to compete with LEGO Marvel’s line and its promotional Avengers Tower (40334), there’s quite the minimum purchase to get this Surprise Box.

Be they from the UK, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria or Sweden, mainland European shoppers need €85 or £85 minimum worth of LEGO Star Wars purchases to get the box before April 15. This can tie into the ongoing Seasonal Easter Chicken Skater Pod (853958) promo, which requires a minimum €/£35 of any LEGO purchase.

Contents of the LEGO Star Wars Surprise Box (5005704) this year will be a variety of collectible minifigure polybags or keychains, five in every box. Lucky buyers could chance to acquire any of these rare finds: platinum R2-D2, sterling silver R2-D2 or graded TC-14 minifigure.

There’s no word yet on when the Surprise Box (5005704) finds its way to Shop@Home US, or if it will.

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