Official Packaging Design for LEGO Bricklink AFOL Designer Program Revealed

On September of last year, the LEGO-selling platform and building community Bricklink announced a LEGO partnership to host a set Designer Program for AFOLs. The number of submissions by interested AFOL designers was then pruned to 16 finalists. Preordering these neat sets began last February, and this week we get to see their official boxes.

It’s understandable that the packaging be showcased now. The Bricklink AFOL Designer Program preorder period will only be until April 15 after all. With each of the finalist sets being of varying sizes, so to for the boxes the LEGO bricks will be stored in.


To further sell just how unique these AFOL Designer sets are, they come with a “Thank You” card from Bricklink and the designers. In addition, they each come with large foldable and incredibly beautiful backdrops. As seen above, the background really makes Legopard’s Wild West Saloon even more imposing looking.


At the latest, 13 of the 16 AFOL Designer finalists have reached the needed preorder support to go into production by Bricklink. We offer congratulations to the well-supported designers and hope the prospective buyers enjoy their supported Bricklink sets when they arrive. Remember, preorder support ends next week, April 15.

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