Pre-orders Done for BrickLinks AFOL Designer Program Sets; Production Started but One Set Already Sold Out


It has been a long road when it comes to the finalist designs submitted by participating AFOLs to BrickLink’s Designer Program. These 16 MOCs were then subjected to a crowd-funding stage to ensure their production. We even got to see the neat packaging for them, which includes impressive folding backgrounds.

The crowd-funding period for BrickLink’s AFOL Designer Program ended this week. As expected only 13 of the 16 finalists have met and exceeded the necessary funding goals. They’re the ones that will go into production.

  1. Skyline Express by jazlecraz ($139.99)
  2. Hotshot Carnival by BRIXONATOR ($57.99)
  3. Science Tower by TBrick ($129.99)
  4. Antique Fire Engine by BooneLangston ($149.99)
  5. Bikes! by mdt.maikel ($49.99)
  6. Imagine It! Build It! by Brickbaron ($69.99)
  7. Eight Studs by kleinraum ($99.99)
  8. Vintage Roadster by Galaktek ($54.99)
  9. The LEGO Story by BrickJonas ($99.99)
  10. Steampunk Mini Chess by CorvusA ($37.99)
  11. Isle of Peril by JakeSadovitch ($99.99)
  12. Wild West Saloon by Legopard ($149.99)

If you’re wondering why only 12 sets have been listed above, that’s because the 13th set, Löwenstein Castle by Raziel_Regulus is already sold out (despite its $199.99 price tag). BrickLink now only needs to finalize their previewed packaging design and building instructions, and the sets will be shipped out to the pre-orders by May.

Supporters of the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program sets will receive their pre-ordered sets of choice without shipping fees, following a confirmation email within the next few weeks. The sets themselves will become conventionally available to order on BrickLink by April 22. Those who will jump in by then will have shipping added to their orders.

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