LEGO BOOST “Realizes” Brick-Built “Star Wars” Droids with Upcoming Droid Commander Kit (75253)

75253 LSW BOOST 2HY19 Code

For LEGO and its variety of products, the level of complexity available depends on how intricate you want your builds. It can either be like the interlocking Technic system, or brick-built sets with programmable internal mechanics. That’s been tackled by LEGO in their STEM-leaning BOOST sets, which offer basic programming.

With the recent Star Wars Celebration and May the Fourth franchise fandom events, LEGO saw a prime opportunity to announce a new BOOST building-programming kit. As might be expected, it’s based on “Star Wars.” Droid Commander (75253) sees players assemble brick renditions of three Droid models from the franchise and program them with multiple motions and functions like real robots.


The LEGO Boost Droid Commander (75253) set has the usual BOOST downloadable mobile app, color and distance sensors, Bluetooth-powers “Move Hub,” interactive motors and enough pieces to create an Imperial Mouse Droid, a blocky GNK (“Gonk”) Droid, or R2-D2 itself.

LEGO Star Wars fans can expect BOOST Droid Commander (75253) to be released in September 1. LEGO Group CMO Julia Goldin remarks that putting the “Star Wars” theme on the LEGO BOOST system was a great way to fire up imaginations of young program encoders while building their STEM knowledge.


With over 40 possible programming “missions” that can be given via BOOST app to the Droid Commander (75253) builds, the Galactic-level fun never ends. To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, “These are the Droids we’re looking for.”

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