“LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary – New Edition” Releases “Platinum Anniversary Version” with Extra Goodies

Earlier last May, LEGO Star Wars fans were able to acquire a big new reference book for their product line. That was when Dorling-Kindersley (DK) released the “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary – New Edition.” This book is significantly updated with info on more recent LEGO Star Wars products, plus an exclusive minifigure on the cover.

If LEGO Star Wars fans haven’t purchased the new visual dictionary yet, then perhaps they’d like this alternative version instead. While the New Edition came out before the date, DK also has the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars in mind. That’s why they also brought out a “Platinum Edition.”

This is a version of the new “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary” that ties into the product line’s 2-decade milestone. New LEGO-Vader dominated slipcase aside the contents are the same as the baseline “New Edition,” including the Bacta-suit Finn minifigure. But this one has extras.


You might recall the gift-with-purchase ($35 min) LEGO Star Wars art print for May the Fourth. This 20th Anniversary version has two such art prints, tucked in the slipcase with the book and minifigure. Those posters would make great additions in the walls of a LEGO Star Wars collector’s room.

So far, the special “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Anniversary Edition” is listed only on Shop@Home UK. The basic “New Edition” book that came out in April is still available on Amazon US and UK.


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