LEGO-NimbleBit’s “LEGO Tower” Mobile Game Ready for Pre-Registration; Free Minifigure Accessory for Registrants


It’s always exciting when a new mobile game of a theme you fancy starts building up for its release. Last March, LEGO announced its partnership with developer NimbleBit for “LEGO Tower,” launching this summer. It even has a LEGO Ideas contest tied to it, making possible DLC after its release.

But first, there’s the mobile game itself. “LEGO Tower” may not have come out yet on the major mobile platforms for iOS and Android. However, both the App Store and Google Play respectively are now allowing pre-registration. Mobile gaming veterans would know what that means: various bonuses are given to pre-registrants when they start playing.

For “LEGO Tower,” that pre-registration bonus looks to be a special minifigure accessory. LEGO collectors might recognize this helmet from Collectible Minifigures Series 15, the Flying Warrior. It doesn’t seem much, but every new piece of equipment in a soon-to-launch game is a welcome addition.

“LEGO Tower” is a tower building game developed by NimbleBit. It’s essentially their hit app “TinyTower” but with a distinctive LEGO skin and thematic elements. Players can construct LEGO skyscrapers with each floor design taking after some product line theme or other. The towers are also populated with minifigures that can be customized with accessories.


We can expect the mobile game to launch as early as this summer. Meanwhile, the “Design a Virtual Floor” LEGO Ideas tie-in contest is currently on its judging phase. No less than 590 entries were submitted, with the winner having his creation become an official floor design for “LEGO Towers.”

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