Possible LEGO Trolls Movie Tie-In Sets Teased for 2020

LEGO Trolls

It’s always awesome when two companies from the same country collaborate on one effort or other. LEGO isn’t the only classic toy to come from Denmark, you see. In the 1960s another Danish woodworker, Thomas Dam, created the iconic troll doll. It became a recurring toy fad throughout the decades, and is now currently under DreamWorks. And that’s why DreamWorks released the “Trolls” movie in 2016. It was popular enough that it got a sequel green-light. “Trolls World Tour” is expected to premiere next year. And it looks like this Danish-originating toy line is teaming up with LEGO for a bunch of LEGO Trolls movie tie-in sets.

This much could be inferred from a recent Twitter post by LEGO. It showed a minifigure from the shoulders down, wearing a tag with the movie title. They captioned the image with “It’s all glitter and happiness,” two taglines long associated with the Trolls line.

The question of how DreamWorks Trolls will be interpreted in LEGO is quite interesting. Troll dolls are famous for their furry up-combed hair. Could we be having minifigure heads with Troll hair wisps on the scalps? That’s an intriguing possibility.

It should be recalled that the original DreamWorks “Trolls” movie in 2016 got an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. One has to wonder how “Trolls World Tour” will try to match or top that. In any case, this is a wonderful instance of Danish toy brand power, and one we hope could happen again. “Trolls World Tour” premieres 2020.

From the looks of it, it seems that LEGO is looking forward to expand its licensed themes following its recent tease of the LEGO Stranger Things line. Though we may not always agree with LEGO on its choice of what particular pop culture reference it would like to immortalize on plastic, we can be quite sure that LEGO will always bring out the best from these themes.

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  1. Have you seen the Trolls Kreo sets? They feature figures with real detachable hair, I’m very excited to see how LEGO will represent these characters.

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