Signing Event for LEGO Stranger Things Sets Slated Next Week

LEGO Stranger Things

LEGO Stranger Things: to say that is both weird and exciting as one thinks of the possibilities. The hit Netflix series is both a 1980s nostalgia trip and a scary cool coming-of-age story. It also becomes perhaps one of LEGO’s big-boy (age-wise) licensed franchises alongside LEGO Overwatch and the like. After building a foundation of anticipation with their first teases, LEGO is now ready to promote their LEGO Stranger Things sets. It’s no longer a secret that the theme will launch next week at the Leicester Square LEGO Store. New details have popped up about it though, as updated on the LEGO events page on Facebook.

For starters, not only will the LEGO Stranger Things line be introduced there at London, there will be autographs signed. By that we mean Leicester LEGO Store buyers of the new set can meet their lead designer, Justin Ramden. He’ll be on hand to sign.

One more thing: there will be a suggested dress theme for Londoner guests appearing at the product launch. As if you don’t know, it’ll be an Eighties party there on the 15th, with “tubular” refreshments on hand for all comers.

Collectors should save £179.99 for this LEGO Strangers set. Furthermore, only 400 participants will be able to buy the set at Leicester Square on launch day. Lastly, each buyer can only have two sets max per purchase, to leave enough for everyone on that day. With that, we’ll leave you with this curious “80’s era” LEGO commercial that we think is part of the promotion.

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