LEGO Minions The Rise of Gru Sets Coming in 2020

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In an earlier Tweet today, the LEGO Group dropped another teaser in line with its new licensed theme based on a cinematic spinoff. After revealing the arrival of LEGO Trolls sets in 2020, LEGO is now partnering with Illumination to come up with the upcoming LEGO Minions The Rise of Gru sets also slated for a 2020 release date.

Illumination’s The Rise of Gru is based on the Despicable Me franchise, and a sequel to their successful 2015 animated film, Minions. The title of this latest film offering suggests that this may be an origin film of sorts, showing us how Gru eventually landed with or rather found, by these yellow guys. I’m not really a fan of Minions, but I’m interested to see how they’ll end up as minifigures.

But truth be told, and as exciting as it may seem to see a Minions sequel, LEGO fans on social media were quite frank about their displeasure on the thought of having such sets. This is understandable given that a LEGO Minions theme doesn’t sound well with the older LEGO fan community, but caters more to young children who often adored these little yellow capsules, and their weird and hilarious antics.

However, the silver lining in the cloud is the fact that since LEGO now has a working relationship with Illumination to provide tie-in sets, the possibility of seeing LEGO Super Mario licensed sets is now closer to reality. Earlier in February this year, Nintendo has announced that it is partnering with Illumination to produce an animated film based on the Super Mario series. Fans have long clamored for Nintendo-themed LEGO sets, and it now seems that this LEGO-Illumination partnership may provide the way. For the time-being, Build Better Bricks are offering premium custom LEGO builds inspired by the Super Mario franchise. You may want to check out what they’re offering by following this link.

There is no actual release date announced yet for these LEGO Minions the Rise of Gru sets, but we can somehow expect a June 2020 window – a month before the film’s release date of July 2, 2020. So what do you think of a LEGO Minions licensed theme? Are you happy with LEGO’s decision in including this to its brick repertoire? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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