More LEGO Overwatch Sets Slated to be Released in 2019

More LEGO Overwatch

Since its debut in October last year, the LEGO Overwatch theme has slowly gained a following. After more than 8 months since they were introduced, fans of LEGO’s brick-built rendition of arguably the most popular first-person Blizzard shooter video game in Asia, are now pondering what’s next for LEGO Overwatch. The question seems to have been answered at this year’s Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany. And as Brick Fanatics reports, we can expect more LEGO Overwatch sets this 2019, with two possible sets still waiting to be revealed.

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According to Activision and Blizzard, they still have a lot of plans going on for this year especially with regards to their collaboration with LEGO. I guess that’s bound to happen considering the wealth of characters and content that the highly popular video game offers.

Toy and apparel offerings for Overwatch continue to expand throughout 2019. LEGO® Group kicked off the year with the release of the first ever LEGO Overwatch product line, which will feature new product launches later this year at various price points.

With sets 75976 and 75977 teased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, it is fair to assume that LEGO still has a handful of LEGO Overwatch sets waiting to be revealed. For the meantime, be sure to check back on all the LEGO Overwatch sets that were released so far. As of the moment, we have six sets that are currently available under this theme, and the Omnic Bastion (75987) set that was sold exclusively at Blizzard’s online shop. Just so you know, Amazon is running a sale on these sets at great discounts. Simply click on the following links to know more about this.



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