Exclusive LEGO Stranger Things Barb Minifigure Coming to SDCC 2019

Barb Minifigure

LEGO has revealed its last exclusive SDCC 2019 LEGO minifigure earlier today. Following the reveal of other minifig exclusives such as the LEGO DC Zebra Batman and LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Advanced Suit, now comes one particular character from Netflix’s hit sci-fi series that’s too hard to forget. The LEGO Stranger Things Barb minifigure will be given away to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 attendees via electronic lottery on July 20. Needless to say, this minifigure will be worth its weight in gold among LEGO and Netflix fans and I can just imagine how this will be ridiculously priced over at eBay.

Barb Minifigure barb minifig sdcc 4

Barb only made a brief appearance in the first few episodes of Stranger Things’ first season before she, unfortunately, fell prey to the terrifying Demogorgon. However, this is enough for the character to win the hearts of fans and the show’s cult following. This exclusive LEGO Stranger Things Barb minifigure is the third official LEGO Stranger Things product that the LEGO has officially released. It follows the impressive LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set currently available at LEGO Stores and LEGO Shop@Home, and the promotional make-an-take mini-build Castle Byers.

barb minifig sdcc 3

So what do you think about this SDCC 2019 LEGO minifig exclusive? Comment down below.

Author: Albert Balanza

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive LEGO Stranger Things Barb Minifigure Coming to SDCC 2019”

  1. You know, many of us AFOLs are getting pretty sick and tired of seeing all these ‘exculsives’ given away at events we simply can’t go to. There are MILLIONS of us who want these figures but only scant HUNDREDS get these. Even worse, many who do go directly to eBay and start selling them for 3, 4, 10X what they paid!

    They aren’t fans of Lego, they’re fans of making a quick buck, and that suks!

    Lego, do you really think that’s fair? Do you not care at all about the rest of us? It sure seems that way sometimes…

    1. Though LEGO has been slowly making strides in making other regional and event-exclusive sets available to the general public, this kind of exclusive LEGO minifigs surely disappoints when only a very, very small portion of fans have access to it. To say it in a nutshell: Yeah, it su_ks.

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