New LEGO Magnets Set Spotted

LEGO Magnets

Most of us are no stranger to the LEGO lifestyle. We know very well what it means to live out our love for the brick, and LEGO knows that as well. From wall hangers to minifigure-head containers, and an assortment of brick boxes, LEGO seems to be intent in making sure that the LEGO brick has conquered every nook and cranny of our everyday lives. This time around, we have a pair of LEGO Magnets to deck our fridge, designed after the most ubiquitous brick elements of all: the iconic stud, and 1×1 plate.

Tagged as set number 4010, this pair of magnetic decors comes in two-tone color schemes as listed by Room Copenhagen. They’re quite sizeable in fact, with both the round and 1×1 plate magnets measuring at 3.7×3.09×1.85 inches. Here’s a brief rundown on these new pair of decorative goodies.

Decorative and colorful magnets are shaped as round and square LEGO elements. They are ideal for display of drawings, postcards or notes. The classic design links perfectly to the creative universe of LEGO and it extends the the LEGO adventure.

LEGO Magnets

LEGO Magnets

Currently, they are not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home and over at Amazon. However, while waiting for these new LEGO-inspired magnets to appear, you may want to check LEGO’s other offerings which include the LEGO 4×4 Brick Magnets (853900) that comes in new-for-2019 colors. If you’re fond of the classic colored bricks, then there’s the LEGO xtra 4×4 Magnets Classic (853915). And since we’re almost about to enter the holiday season, then you might want to pick-up the LEGO Iconic Holiday Magnet (853663) as well.

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