New LEGO Xtra Christmas Accessories (40368) Revealed

Christmas Accessories (40368)

The holiday shopping spree is almost about to begin and LEGO is certainly stocking up on those Christmas-inspired sets whatever form possible. After the introduction of this year’s first LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament (853907), we now have another set entry that will add some holiday fun to that next LEGO building project that you might be working on. In addition to LEGO’s relatively new line of polybag accessories, the LEGO Xtra Christmas Accessories (40368) is exactly what it is: a collection of yuletide LEGO elements and pieces that are worth to keep.

Christmas Accessories (40368)

Coming in at 32 pieces, the LEGO Xtra Christmas Accessories (40368) is expected to retail for $3.99 USD and will be available sometime next month. The main selling point of this polybag will undoubtedly be the Husky figure and also perhaps the pair of gold pearl fences.

The LEGO Xtra polybags is a great way to stock up on those LEGO pieces that may come in handy. The line-up also features Sea, Botanical, and Streetlights pieces, and even stickers and playmats. To know more about these polybags, just click on the following links below.

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