LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) Spotted in the Wild

Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232)

Another store employee made a bit of slip-up revealing a quite unexpected surprise. We’re just counting the weeks before the launch of Star Wars’ Triple Force Friday and it seems that LEGO is already prepared for it as well. In fact, from the reveal of this year’s highly polarizing¬† UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (75252) to LEGO’s Triple Force Friday gift-with-purchase set, everything is gradually falling into place. And having LEGO sets placed as early as now on Target shelves in spite of the embargo is part of the plan as well (I guess). LEGO eagle-eyed fan made a rather interesting discovery that is putting the LEGO Star Wars fandom in a frenzy. He snapped a photo of what looks like a new pair of bundled BrickHeadz in the form of the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) spotted in an undisclosed Target store in Texas.

Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232)

This new LEGO BrickHeadz dual pack features Kylo Ren (#94) in a damaged helmet and the new crimson Sith Trooper (#95), as they will be revealed in The Rise of Skywalker later this year. The set clocks in at 240 pieces and is expected to retail for $24.99 USD. This is the second time that Kylo gets the BrickHeadz treatment as part of a double-pack set, the first being the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Rey and Kylo Ren Limited Edition Collectors Pack (41489). It’s quite unsure if we will see the option of having this new iteration of Kylo and the new Sith Trooper sold separately. Also from the looks of things, seeing this new pair of LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz is a good indicator that LEGO still has faith in the popularity of these brick collectibles amidst rumors of the theme’s eventual cancellation which has always been hanging overhead.

Now before you rush into your local Target store, be aware that these are probably placed by mistake by an unsuspecting store employee, and sales of this set are still probably on hold until Triple Force Friday dawns on October 4. In fact, this LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) double-pack will not be available for sale until such time, unless you stumble upon this on eBay.

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So what do you think about this new LEGO BrickHeadz set? Will you add this your cart once it is available? Let me know what you think about this.

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