LEGO to Launch a Collectible Wooden Minifigure

Collectible Wooden Minifigure

A couple of weeks ago, LEGO VIP members in the UK received an email invitation to participate in the opening of a LEGO Originals Pop-Up Gallery that will be held from November 1 to 2 in Covent Garden in London. Details were still a bit sketchy on what will be the highlight of the event, until today. A report from Campaign Live reveals that the LEGO Pop-Up Gallery will also be a venue for LEGO to launch on what seems to be a collectible wooden minifigure. This wooden collectible pays homage to the LEGO company’s roots as a wooden toymaker in the 1930s.

Collectible Wooden Minifigure

To be precise, the news item does not specify exactly what this exclusive collectible will be. But based on the images (and online leaks by the way), it seems that LEGO is implying that this LEGO exclusive will be a collectible wooden minifigure. Furthermore, this offering also hints on the fact that this will belong under the line of LEGO Originals products which first appeared as VIP rewards in the VIP rewards center. As a subtheme, LEGO Originals does not exactly fit the category of the typical brick and caters more to adult fans of LEGO that celebrate the heritage and legacy of the LEGO Group. If you recall, LEGO started hinting on this line of LEGO Original products a few months ago, with several prints of the brick’s technical drawings and designs offered as a form of VIP reward. Included also in these prints are schematics of their first wooden toys.

The report from Campaign Live also mentioned that this collectible wooden item will retail for £109.99 giving the impression that it will be a sizeable, limited-edition collectible or wooden display piece. Though the launching event will probably cater more to LEGO fans based in the UK, we can surely expect that this new product will be offered globally in the next few days.

I’ll be giving you more updates on this so stay tuned.


With additional info from Brick Fanatics.

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