Limited Edition LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) Arriving This Christmas Season

Mini Gingerbread House (40337)

Here’s another reason to be jolly this holiday season. It has been revealed that we will have another limited edition, gift-with-purchase (GWP) set just in time for Christmas. An image has been shared via Brick and Bricks’ Facebook page that shows the arrival of a limited edition, LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) GWP set anytime soon. This freebie is a nod to its larger replica which is the LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House (10267).

Mini Gingerbread House (40337)

This is a great addition to the recently announced LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) set which will also be offered as a seasonal gift-with-purchase set at the end of November. Other than this first look, we don’t have further info as of now regarding its release date nor its piece count. Though the 2019 LEGO Christmas Tree (40338) freebie comes at a higher purchase price point of $120 USD because of its higher piece count, we can expect the LEGO Mini Gingerbread House (40337) to be somewhat lower. In any case, it will be great to see both of these sets on display beside that LEGO Winter Village MOC that you might be working on.

If you recall, this smaller version of the Gingerbread House is somehow reminiscent of 2015’s similar freebie which is the LEGO Gingerbread House (40139). It was offered back then during 2015’s Black Friday sales in November, with qualifying LEGO purchases worth $99 and more. So I guess it’s not far-fetched to consider that LEGO might be doing the same for this new Gingerbread House iteration.

40139 1

To be completely honest, between this year’s version of the Mini Gingerbread House (40337) and that from four years ago (40139), I have to say that I prefer the latter. But in any case, I’m not the type to really complain especially considering the fact that this is a free set. I just hope that LEGO will offer this new freebie at a relatively low qualifying purchase point.

Thanks to Stone Wars for the heads up.

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