First Images of LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets Surface

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After more and more LEGO sets are gradually revealed by other online retailers in time for LEGO’s 2020 releases for the first half of the year, we now have further info on what to expect from the LEGO Minecraft 2020 sets. Though the entire Minecraft franchise has taken a dip in terms of its popularity among young gamers, LEGO seems to have plenty of plans ahead for its tie-in merchandise.

Joining other LEGO Minecraft ‘BigFig’ sets from early this year, LEGO now introduces two additional sets under this format – the LEGO Minecraft Creeper with Ocelot (21156) and Pig with Zombie Baby (21157) – both of which are tagged as part of Series 2 under this subtheme. If everything goes well, then perhaps we can expect more sets coming from this direction.

We also have additional sets that offer a handful of new elements and characters. That buildable LEGO Minecraft Panda from set 21158 is definitely adorable, plus the new minifigure renditions of those nasty Illager mobs with their crossbow-wielding Pillagers and devastating Ravagers as depicted in set 21160, are probably good reasons for some to get these new LEGO Minecraft 2020 sets.

Same with the rest of the new-for-2020 licensed LEGO sets such as those coming from the Star Wars, Trolls, Disney Princess and Marvel themes, these new LEGO Minecraft 2020 sets are slated to be released on January 1st. Read on to know more about their piece count and price in Euros, and I will update this post once additional images are made available by LEGO from LEGO Shop@Home. Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

Bigfig Creeper and Ocelot (21156)

184 pieces | $14.99

LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets 21156 1

BigFig Pig with Baby Zombie (21157)

159 pieces | $14.99

LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets 21157 1


The Panda Nursery (21158)

204 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets 21158 1


The Pillager Outpost (21159)

303 pieces | $29.99

LEGO Minecraft 2020 Sets 21159 1


The Illager Raid (21160)

562 pieces | $59.99

21160 2 21160 1


The Taiga Adventure (21162)

74 pieces | $9.99

21162 2 21162 1

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