LEGO Hidden Side 2020 Sets Revealed

LEGO Hidden Side 2020

LEGO has unveiled its wave of LEGO Hidden Side 2020 sets that introduce additional locations in its ghost-ridden, mysterious town of Newbury. After its successful debut earlier this year, LEGO’s augmented reality theme will now feature six new sets for 2020, each of them highlighting new locations in Newbury, including an eerie and mysterious Lighthouse of Darkness.

The news came in via LEGO Newsroom, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from these new sets, together with some brief descriptions for each of them, just don’t mind the rough Google translation from German. This next wave of LEGO Hidden Side 2020 sets are slated to be available starting December 27, 2019.

Welcome to the Hidden Side (70427)

189 pieces | $19.99 USD

LEGO Hidden Side 2020 70427 2

The LEGO® minifigures Jack, Axel Chops, Scrimper and Waylon bring life to the spooky subway, and ghost hunting with the free LEGO® Hidden Side ™ Augmented Reality App. These dark secrets come to light, and the children have to record it with the ghost boss Lady E.


Jack’s Beach Buggy (70428)

170 pieces | $19.99 USD

LEGO Hidden Side 2020 70428 2

Here’s how to build and playfully discover Jack’s beach buggy with the LEGO® minifigures Jack, Parker and Scott Francis, the two-headed ghost. With the free LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app, children can take on ghosts, chase clues, and fight against the ghost boss Trucker Dale.


El Fuego’s Stunt Plane (70429)

295 pieces | $29.99 USD

LEGO Hidden Side 2020 70429 2

The single-player or multiplayer mode brings the propeller plane to life with the LEGO® minifigures El Fuego, Jack and Mary Breaksom. With the help of the free LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app children bring out the ghosts. At the end of the hunt for haunting ghosts and the search for hidden clues awaits the fight against the ghost boss Harry Cane!


Newbury Subway (70430)

348 pieces | $29.99 USD

70430 1 70430 2

Together with Jack, Parker and the roving Pete Peterson, explore the interactive subway model for a fantastic augmented reality experience. The free LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app transforms the model into a mysterious portal, waiting for exciting adventures in a digital game world.


The Lighthouse of Darkness (70431)

540 pieces | $49.99 USD

70431 1 70431 2

The Lighthouse of Darkness explores the interactive lighthouse model of Jack, Parker, a skeleton, Jennie Napo and Claus Stormward. With the free LEGO® Hidden Side ™ App, the model comes to life and transforms into a digital world full of ghosts, hidden clues and the ghost boss Joe Ishmael.


Haunted Fairground (70432)

466 pieces | $49.99 USD

70432 1 70432 2

It haunts the fair! Along with the included LEGO® minifigures Jack, Parker, JB, Jimbo Loblo and Terry Top, the interactive coaster and fall tower models of Ghost Rummels can be spotted.

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