LEGO Masters US Contestants Officially Revealed

LEGO Masters US

Fox has officially introduced the 10 pairs of contestants who will be joining the next season of the grandest LEGO reality TV contest on the planet. With 20 of the most talented brick-builders in the country, including our very own newlyweds Tyler and Amy Clites, LEGO Masters US, is set to air on-screen on February  5, 2020. Check out the names and brief bio of our next wave of LEGO Masters aspirants.

The Bearded Builders – Boone & Mark

LEGO Masters US

Age: 35 | 35
Home Towns: Troutdale, OR | Oregon City, OR
Occupations: Pre-K Teacher | HVAC Installer
Strengths: Technical builds, tall buildings & structures, apocalyptic worlds.


East Coast Bricksters – Mel & Jermaine

mel jermaine

Age: 39 | 37
Home Towns: Glen Burnie, MD | Bronx, NY
Occupations: Law Enforcement | Technical Cell Phone Consultant Team Strengths: Great storytellers, tall skyscraper buildings.


The Unicorns – Krystle & Amie

LEGO Masters US

Age: 34 | 34
Home Towns: Dallas, TX | Dallas, TX
Occupations: Special Ed Teacher | Software Engineer
Strengths: Great storytelling, character assembly, recreation builds, motor and gear functions.


Father & Son BFFs – Manny & Nestor

manny nestor

Age: 35 | 65
Home Towns: Bethlehem, PA | Bethlehem, PA
Occupations: Barber | Retired Truck Driver
Strengths: Organic builds, technical motor builds, storytelling, minifig character development.


Brothers Who Brick – Travis & Corey

LEGO Masters US

Age: 29 | 34
Home Towns: Irvington, NJ | Monmouth Junction, NJ
Occupations: Preschool Teacher | LEGO Engineering Instructor
Strengths: Creativity & ingenuity,  speed, cityscape, buildings, color contrast, brotherly support.


The Eccentrics – Sam & Jessica

sam jessica

Age: 45 | 29
Home Towns: Los Angeles, CA | Redding, CT
Occupations: Set Builder | Artist
Strengths: Ingenuity, storytelling


Married Thespians – Flynn & Richard

LEGO Masters US

Age: 52 | 52
Home Towns: Oakland, CA | Oakland, CA
Occupations: LEGO Engineering Teacher K-6 | Theatrical Lighting Designer/Sales
Strengths: Artistic Look / Storytelling / Composition / EV3 builds with sensors and motors


“The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God” – Jessie & Kara

jessie kara

Age: 47 | 49
Home Towns: Captain Cook, HI | Rogers, MO
Occupations: Office Manager for a Psychiatrist | Retail Manager, Landscape Company
Strengths: Knowledge of a variety of LEGO bricks, team communication, focus


The Newlyweds – Tyler and Amy

LEGO Masters US

Age: 32 I 28
Home Towns: Brandon, FL | Brandon, FL
Occupations: Model Designer | Piano Teacher
Strengths: Sculpting – capturing shape & movement, resourcefulness.

LEGO Masters US will be hosted by LEGO Batman himself, Will Arnett. Teams of two will be battling it out against the most insane brick-building challenges ever thought of, and our ten teams must impress the most demanding judges that the show ever had. It is yet to be announced who will be the judges for this next season of LEGO Masters, and while waiting for February 5 to arrive, be sure to claim your FREE LEGO Masters shopping bag at your local LEGO Store or at LEGO Shop@Home to show your support for the show. I will definitely look forward to Tyler and Amy’s creations and the many surprises that the other contestants have in store. Stay tuned!

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