LEGO FORMA (81000) Now Available at UK LEGO Shop@Home BUT Will “Not Be Launched Further”

LEGO Forma (81000)

It seems that LEGO might be pulling the plug earlier than expected from its first crowd-funded project. After the first images of the LEGO FORMA (81000) set began to appear on LEGO servers earlier in July, fans of the concept were hoping that it will be out soon. However, for some reason, it went from a roller coaster ride of being what it seems to be a limited, regional release to know being virtually discontinued.

LEGO Forma (81000)

LEGO has posted over its LEGO FORMA Indiegogo project page the decision that it will no longer be launching LEGO Forma (81000) in its current form without going to the specifics of why it decided to pull the plug at this early stage of the set’s release.

Based on these key learnings, we have decided that LEGO FORMA will not be launched further in its present form. We know there is a lot of love for the concept out there, and we will make sure all our learnings are fueled into the broader organization and taken into consideration for future concepts.

However, if there is any consolation that fans of this LEGO concept may have is the fact that LEGO Shop@Home in the UK has made the LEGO FORMA (81000) available for purchase. I really hope that LEGO will reconsider and eventually opt to offer this outside of the UK region, but knowing that LEGO’s decision is to essentially discontinue it, then you might want to take this advantage of purchasing the set especially if you’re based in the UK.

Here are the product details for the LEGO FORMA (81000) set for your reference. Shoutout to Jeremy for the heads up.

LEGO FORMA (81000)

293 pieces | £42.99

LEGO Forma (81000)

Designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to put down their screens and reconnect with their creative side, new LEGO® FORMA (81000) offers a joyful challenge that also builds a distinctive kinetic sculpture. Made with sturdy elements and covered with a flexible, customizable skin, LEGO FORMA mechanical models incorporate life-like motion, colors, and patterns to deliver a unique creative challenge and a sophisticated display piece. Available in UK only.

  • Model measures over 10” (25.4cm) high, 5” (12.7cm) wide and 11” (27.9 cm) long.
  • Build a dynamic model that captures the elegant motion and visual appeal of fish.
  • Features 294 elements, including base for display and crank for motion.
  • Use elements to form an intricate gear system that generates life-like movement.
  • Recreate the movement of a fish with a crank that moves the model in a graceful motion.
  • Display your sculpture for a unique conversation piece and tasteful addition to any room.”

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