A Closer Look at the New 2020 LEGO xtra Polybags

2020 LEGO xtra Polybags

A few days ago, we saw an abundance of new LEGO polybags for 2020. I am personally a fan of the series and I even have a handful of polys from this series that I want to include in my LEGO shopping list. However, there is a couple of polybags that fell from my radar that I will certainly not mind adding to my cart. For those who would like to add more fun to their builds or MOCs, these new 2020 LEGO xtra polybags will surely do the trick.

Since their introduction last year, the LEGO xtra theme has provided plenty of options for building and creating your own LEGO town or scenery. It offers plenty of additional LEGO minifigure elements and other building pieces clustered on a particular theme or motif.

For 2020, LEGO is expanding on this selection with the inclusion of another plant-themed polybag. Coming in at 32 pieces, the LEGO xtra Botanical Accessories (40376) adds on its first offering with a similar name (set 40310). The former now includes a simple, brick-built tree and a couple of brown fences. It’s a great way of adding more brick foliage to your LEGO landscape. The LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375) on the other hand, is the first of its kind. With 36 pieces, it allows you to add some LEGO elements and minifigure accessories if you wish to recreate a hockey, skiing, roller skating, or an archery competition. It also comes with a small, brick-built target and a trophy piece for an epic minifigure archery contest.

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LEGO xtra Sports Accessories (40375)

2020 LEGO xtra Polybags

Kids will love this action-packed LEGO® xtra Sports Accessories Set (40375). This fun playset includes an array of LEGO sporting equipment, including hockey sticks, goals and a puck, roller skates, a buildable archery target and bow, skis and ski poles, minifigure helmets and a trophy element to inspire hours of competitive play. Creative youngsters will be thrilled with the chance to introduce some sporting fun and adventures to their existing LEGO sets.

  • Kids can recreate the excitement of several cool sports with this LEGO® xtra Sports Accessories set, which features buildable equipment for hockey, skiing, roller skating and archery, plus a trophy for the winner!
  • This awesome set is suitable for both solo play or competitive sporting fun with friends, and immediately opens up a world of exciting new play options when combined with other LEGO® sets.
  • A wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for kids aged 6 and up, this 36-piece construction set comes with easy-to-follow instructions so young builders can assemble it with speed and confidence.
LEGO xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

2020 LEGO xtra Polybags

LEGO® fans can create their own garden with this fun and updated LEGO xtra Botanical Accessories Set (40376). This charming playset includes a variety of LEGO elements and buildable items, including 3 trees, flowers and plants that can be customized for spring, summer, fall and winter, 2 fences and much more. Kids will love using their imaginations to bring garden-based adventures to all their existing LEGO® sets.

  • Kids will love creating their own special gardens with this LEGO® xtra Botanical Accessories Set, featuring a customizable tree, flowers and plants, foliage elements for all seasons, 2 fences and 2 small tree elements.
  • This garden playset can be enjoyed by kids on their own or with friends and opens up endless play opportunities when combined with other LEGO® playsets in their collections.
  • A fun and cute gift for kids aged 6 and up, this 32-piece construction set comes with simple-to-follow instructions so young builders can put it together with ease and confidence.

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