Five LEGO Minions Sets Expected To Arrive This Spring 2020

LEGO Minions

Other than the LEGO Trolls World Tour sets now currently available at LEGO Shop@Home, LEGO is now setting the stage for the arrival of its next Universal tie-in merchandise in the form of the LEGO Minions The Rise of Gru sets. Since LEGO’s official announcement back in June of last year, the arrival of these little yellow scene-stealers in LEGO brick or minifig format has been met with mixed reactions. Unlike LEGO Trolls where we get a substantial number of sets – eight in total – it seems that the LEGO Minions theme will have a lesser number of building sets under its belt. At least that’s what the latest 2020 LEGO Catalog seems to suggest.

Shared by Candidbricks over on Facebook, this particular copy is quite different from the digital version that LEGO released last week. Though this particular page exists from the LEGO 2020 Catalog for the first half of the year (1HF), the text obviously reads differently.

LEGO Minions
Image courtesy of Candidbricks.

If this version of the LEGO Catalog turns out to be true, then we can expect at the most five (5) LEGO Minion sets, all slated to be released in May. In fact, Brickset has already listed certain set numbers for these sets, ranging from set 75546 to 75551.  Additionally, Stonewars also reports that the first two sets in the LEGO Minions theme will have the 4+ branding, while the last one will be a sizeable, 3-in-1 build of Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. Perhaps this last set will be similar to the builds offered by LEGO in its newer buildable Minecraft sets. Here’s what we know so far about these sets as of press time.

  • LEGO Minions 4+ (75546) – 87 pieces | 19.99 Euro
  • LEGO Minions 4+ (75547) – 199 pieces | 29.99 Euro
  • LEGO Minions (75549) – 136 pieces | 19.99 Euro
  • LEGO Minions (75550) – 310 pieces | 39.99 Euro
  • LEGO Minions (75551) – 876 pieces | 49.99 Euro

Again, it will be better to treat the above info as rumors until such time we hear LEGO’s official word on it. It’s understandable that details about these sets are still under wraps considering that we are still several months away from the film’s theatrical release. Stay tuned for more updates!

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