LEGO Fairground Minifigures Pack (40373) Revealed

LEGO Fairground Minifigures Pack (40373)

After the successful release of 2019’s series of Minifigure Packs, we now have a new entry in the series that will add more value and accessories to that custom LEGO amusement park that you might be working on. Official images of the LEGO Fairground Minifigures Pack (40373) were seen online courtesy of Promobricks.

LEGO Fairground Minifigures Pack (40373)

Similar to last year’s releases, this upcoming fairground-themed minifig pack comes in at 51 pieces with four minifigures: a young girl and his dad visiting the fair, and two amusement park attendants. It also comes with a small shooting gallery build with targets, stud shooter and teddy bear prizes.

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The LEGO Fairground Minifigures Pack (40373) is not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home as of posting but it is expected to retail for $12.99, same as its predecessors. There’s also an upcoming LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Pack (40374) that comes in 73 pieces and follows the one that was released last year. We don’t have good, clear images of this yet but based on Promobrick’s report, it will feature a golden Zane minifigure with three black minifigures, probably similar to the Oni Battlepack characters.

Be sure to stay tuned here on our blog site for more updates on this latest minifig pack.

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