LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393) Exclusively Available at LEGOLAND Parks and Discovery Centers

LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393)

If you have plans of visiting any of LEGOLAND’s nineteen (19) Parks and Discovery Centers, then be sure to check with their own LEGO Store for this year’s first park exclusive building set. It has been customary for LEGOLAND to offer a couple of limited-edition sets that sees the park’s main attractions rendered in brick form. And for the start of this year, they are offering the LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393).

LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393)

Since 2016, we’ve seen a stream of pretty nice exclusives offered by LEGOLAND. We have the LEGOLAND Train (40166); the LEGOLAND Castle (40306) from 2018; and two set offerings from last year, the LEGOLAND Driving School (40347) and self-titled LEGOLAND (40346).

Like those before it, the LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393) is based on the park’s Fire Academy attraction where visitors can ride a fire truck and shoot down some make-believe “fire hazards” over windows and buildings. To bring home a piece of this park attraction, then you may want to head over at the LEGO Store inside the park. The LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393) comes in at 221 pieces with 3 minifigs, and you can purchase this set for $17.99.

It’s a pretty straightforward consisting of a fire truck, a two-story building facade, a stud shooter-equipped water cannon, and a mini-map. LEGO Customer Service has uploaded this set’s building instructions if you want to give it a try recreating this set using your own LEGO pieces. I guess the only limiting part will be the newer Dark Stone Grey Botton Wagon Assembly which is also available in the LEGO City Barbecue Burn Out (60212). Of course, you can opt for other similar color variants that are more readily available. Check out this parts list and see if you can complete all the required pieces.

parts list 40393 Page 1 parts list 40393 Page 2

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